Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Boomer's Diamond Notes: The Strasburg Saga

Good chance, Nats fans won't be seeing this much longer.
160 innings. The limit that the doc's placed on Washington Nationals SP Steve Strasburg at the beginning of the season, that he could pitch during the 2012 season. Starsburg, who missed the majority of the 2011 Nationals campaign after having Tommy John surgery, is closing in on that 160 IP mark (133.1 IP as of this point in the season), and with the Nationals having the best record in baseball (72-44) and Starsburg playing a important role in the starting rotation, the Nationals front office have a important decision to make, shut him down or roll with it? It's arguably the first time this has ever happened to a franchise in this position. You have the best chance in your franchise history to win a pennant and quite possibly a World Series Champion, and your going to shut down one of your best pitchers after 160 innings?!? As a Reds fan, I'm all for the decision to shut Starsburg down once he hits the 160 IP mark, but I'm sure some Nationals fans as well as players have another opinion on the "Strasburg Saga". Feel free to let me know what you think, the Nationals should do with Strasburg. Updated MLB Standings

News & Notes
Hot Teams
  • Orioles (7-3 last 10 games)
  • Nationals (9-1 last 10 games)
  • Reds (3-game winning streak)
  • Dodgers (7-3 last 10 games)
  • Padres (8-2 last 10 games)
  • Rays (7-game winning streak, 8-2 last 10)
Cold Teams
  • Angels (3-game losing streak, 3-7 last 10)
  • Mariners (3-7 last 10 games)
  • Cubs (2-8 last 10 games)
  • Astros (3-7 last 10 games)
  • Tigers (3-game losing streak)
Clubhouse Chat

Cleveland Indians (54-62, 9 GB of 1st place in the AL Central)
  • Split a 4-game series vs. the Red Sox over the past weekend, 4-2 after 11-game losing streak.
  • Out West: 9-game road trip: 3 vs. Angels (won opener last night), 3 vs. A's and 3 vs. the Mariners.
  • Is there a chance, that the Indians get back to the .500 mark by seasons end?
Cincinnati Reds (69-46, 1st place in the NL Central; 2.5 GB of NL-leading Washingtion Nationals)
  • After 5-game losing streak a week ago, Redlegs have bounced back to win three in a row.
  • Home sweet home, 7-game homestand: 3 vs. the Mets & 4 vs. the Cubs this week (36-20 at home).
  • When will 1B Joey Votto be back in the Reds lineup (last game was July 15th)?