Thursday, August 23, 2012

Boomer Report: Reds looking good, Indians....stink!

Boy, I like the throwback 90's jersey's. 
I think its time for a Major League reboot.

Cincinnati Reds 76-49 (1st place NL Central; 1.5 GB of ML-leading Washington Nationals)
41-22 Home 35-27 Away RS: 545 RA: 470 DIFF: +75

Did you see last nights game? Wish they could sport the old school 90's look the rest of the season (I love that look). Bronson Arroyo pitched another gem for the Reds starting rotation, going into the 9th inning giving up just two runs and three hits. Arroyo (10) joins teammates, Johnny Cueto (16) Matt Latos (13) and Homer Bailey (10) accumulating 10 or more wins so far this season. I can not be more pleased with the pitching the Reds have gotten from the starters (especially after the All-Star break). The Reds, who are a season-high 27-games above .500 now have a 7.5-game lead over the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central. Since July 17th, when Joey Votto went on the DL following knee surgery on a injured knee, the Reds are 27-11. I don't believe any Reds fan saw this sort of run happening without Votto not in the lineup. Currently winners of 10 out of their last 13 games, finish a 4-game series tonight in Philly vs. the Phillies, then come home for a HUGE weekend series vs. the hated St. Louis Cardinals. The Reds keep putting the presser on the Washington Nationals for the best record in the NL (best record in baseball, actually), just a 1.5 back with 37 games left on the MLB easiest schedule, they have a chance to finish close to the 100 W's mark for the season. It's been a fun run thus far for the team and players of Cincinnati, and unlike 2010, its not been a pleasant surprise, ITS EXPECTED NOW! If the Reds continue to get the pitching performances out of the starters and continue to score runs (whens Votto coming back?) things could get very interesting come down the stretch and into the MLB playoffs. Haha, till then we wait for the return of Votto "Baby come back!".

Cleveland Indians 54-70 (4th place in the AL Central; 2nd worst record in the AL)
30-29 Home 24-41 Away RS: 515 RA: 646 DIFF: -131

10. The number of W's the Tribe have since the All-Star break. Wow, things have been pretty bad up in CLE this summer. Gone are the veterans like Derek Lowe & Johnny Damon. No one was traded at the deadline (which made no sense, still doesn't make any sense today). The Indians have had losing streaks of 11-games and are currently on a 8-game losing skid heading into this weekends series vs. the Yankees. The way things are going, the Indians might end up with the worst record in the American League and probably third worse in ALL of baseball (hey, things could be worse, we could cheer for the Cubbies or Astros). I don't know, to think that this time was hanging with the White Sox & Tigers just a little over a month ago (just 3 GB as of July 24th). Imagine if those would have been 11, 8 game winning streaks. But I guess thats what we are always made to wonder "what if", right Indians front office/organization? What If?